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Montreal: Pierre Elliot Trudeau

  • Gate 82: On the far side of the concourse, oposite the gate, in the Bell Canada telephone booths, and beside the telephone booths. No power in the seating area itself. All capped.
  • In the AirCanada regional area (far side of the terminal) had uncapped outlets along the dividers.


Toronto: Terminal 3 (Domestic Flights)

  • Power outlets are available along the wall as you walk through to the gates. Across from gates, there are a small number of outlets high in the wall or by the floor.
  • This is likely true in other areas of this terminal as well.


Vancouver: Domestic

  • Gates A1 to A4: Power outlets are in some of the concrete columns supporting the roof. It looks like every second column.
  • This is likely true in other areas of this terminal as well.


Saint John: Saint John Regional Airport

  • Power in the waiting area, as well as along wall of departures. Also in the cafe.


Halifax: Domestic

  • In Legends restaurant (near gates 15-19), there is power near the back.

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